14 comments on “5 Lessons We Can Learn from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

  1. I LOVE this… I just too true! Too many times we complain as a “worker” about how we hate taking orders and “working” but do nothing to improve our employment ranking or “status”. Even though Karle Redd has managed to make herself look like a groupie to the even “D List” celebs like Roscoe Dash… She is persistent with her efforts to have a successful career. And Ben though “Mama Dee” is no “Akeelah Bee” she has branded herself in just a few short months. And in today’s world, if you call yourself a brand, or are looking to be involved or stay a business, you need to eat and breathe on a Social Network! Great article.. 👍

    • I love that you referred to Momma Dee as “Akilah the Bee”. You are right they understand branding and Karlie is persistent in her “thirst” *cough, cough* I meant career! The show has it’s downfalls but they all “KNOW” what they are doing. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great review… I totally agree! It also taught me the Do’s & Dont’s of certain things and It was a true example of how you can never judge a book by it’s cover! There’s always a BIGGER picture and a BRIGHTER side of things! Thanks for sharing… I hope others will read & gain from this post!

    • Lynn, thank you for your comment. We all have so much to learn from “Reality Shows” and you are correct in explaining the bigger picture that has to be seen

  3. Great article! Social media will certainly build your network…it still goes back to the old saying “its not what you KNOW but WHO you know!

  4. I completely expected something different but this is awesome! I watch the show and I agree with everything you wrote here. People can say what they want about reality television but if you take advantage of the things you have listed it can become so much more. I know for sure as a African American blogger in Miami I really need to work on my networking.

    • Hey Shea in Miami! Thank you for the comment. We have to be really aware of how we absorb material from television. It sometimes can be useful but it takes a little extra digging. 🙂

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